Who Killed David Widlak?


Who Killed David Widlak?

Victim:  David Widlak

  • CEO of the Community Central Bank Corporation and Community Bank
  • 62 years old at the time of death

Sunday, September 19:  David Widlak disappeared from his bank.  He left on foot and his car was discovered the next day in the parking lot around 7:00 the following morning by a maintenance worker.  When this maintenance worker went to Widlak’s office he found it trashed.

October 17:  Duck hunters discovered a body, which was later determined to be Widlak, in the marshland of Lake St. Clair, outside of Detroit. His body was floating in about 1 foot of water.  This was less than 5 miles from the bank. David was still wearing the clothing he was last reported wearing and he still had his phone, keys, and wallet.


October 20:  Widlak’s gun was discovered just a few feet from where his body was.  His hat was also found, but deep in the woods.


From the beginning, the police were treating this as a disappearance/suicide.

There was a discrepancy between the initial autopsy conducted by Macomb County medical examiner Daniel Spitz and the most recent one performed by Oakland County doctor L.J. Dragovic in 2010.


Spitz who conducted the first autopsy had determined the cause of death to be undetermined.  He stated he found no obvious wounds, and no blunt force trauma and proceeded to state he may have drowned.


A second autopsy was done by Dragovic (hired by the Widlak family) and the cause of death was determined to have been an “execution-style” gunshot wound in the mid-back of Widlak’s neck.

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 Sources: Detroit Free Press, Mlive.com

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