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All true-crime aficionados know about the Gilgo Beach Murders and mysterious Long Island Serial Killer.

Just this past Thursday authorities held a news conference to show off new evidence in relation to the investigation.

The Suffolk County police on Long Island released photos of what it said could be a significant piece of evidence: a black leather belt with the letters "WH" or "HM" found at the scene a decade ago.

The authorities said they are confident the belt was handled by the killer because it didn't belong to any of the victims.

They released a photograph of the belt and I will put the picture on the website. This is very interesting news since the case has been kind of cold for the past few years.

Police must think there is a new opportunity to catch the killer because they also launched a new website to collect new tips and information about the case.

The first set of remains was discovered in 20-10 while police were searching for another woman, 24-year-old Shannan Gilbert.

It wouldn't be for another year when Gilbert's body would be found across the way on neighboring Oak Beach.

Once Gilbert's body was recovered the total number of bodies found was 11.

Police said most of the women found worked in prostitution and advertised on such services as Craigslist.

When an independent autopsy was performed on Gilbert's body, they were able to determine she was killed due to homicidal strangulation.

The reason for the second autopsy was the first one concluded Gilbert had died from drowning and drug overdose.

The autopsy was able to conclude she did not die from a natural disease, drug overdose or drowning.

Gilbert had vanished after visiting a customer and was told to have freaked out and started banging on neighbor's doors asking for help and saying people were trying to kill her.

While searching for Gilbert, police found four bodies in various stages of decomposition.

More remains were uncovered on Gilgo Beach, which is roughly 40 miles from New York City.

The FBI didn't join the task force until 20-15, so this new evidence may be a result of their participation.

Now that I've run you through the basics of the case, let's join my conversation with producer and star in the true-crime community, Maggie Freleng to take a deeper dive into the Long Island Serial Killer.

Unfortunately, this case is too big to cover in one episode so tune in next week for part two. Meanwhile, thank you so much again to Maggie from Missing Maura Murray, NPR, Crawlspace, and everything true crime.

Press Conference:

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