Who Killed the Robison Family?

July 12th, 2019

On this week’s episode you can make your own conclusions on who killed the Robison family?





These are just a few words that can describe northern Michigan. The state has been tied to some infamous case such as the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa and the Oakland County Child Killings. Historical events such as the rise of the auto industry, Motown and the 1967 Detroit Riots are generally associated with the state. 

The national parks own a lot of the property in north Michigan so you can see what nature really looks like since it hasn’t been disturbed for 80 years. 

Good Hart, is a small village of roughly five hundred people something that can be said for a lot of the communities up north.

Good Hart sits on Lake Michigan right between Mackinaw City and Petoskey

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Who Killed Alison Parrott? Part 2

July 5th, 2019

Alison Parrott disappeared near Varsity Stadium in downtown Toronto in 1986.

She was supposedly meeting with a photographer.

It was 6:30 p.m.—four hours since Alison should have returned home.

After Alison didn’t return home and her mom called the police.

A massive search began two hours later involving 150 police officers and 24 friends and neighbors of Lesley Parrott and her husband, Peter, an engineer.

They spent the hot, rainy evening looking through the stadium, then vacant lots, alleys and ravines.

The search was covered heavily by television and radio.

Alison’s mother would appeal for her daughter’s return, throughout the weekend.


Two days after Alison’s disappearance, two boys

discovered Her body in a west-end park.

Lesley Parrott said Alison regularly used the subway.

After the discovery, Police sealed off the area and assigned 60 officers to search all the garbage collected in the subway system since July 25 for clues.

Alison’s killing took a toll on the city much like Amy’s killing has continued to loom over Bay Village.

The way both girls were stalked is another reason these killings still resonate today.

As mentioned in Part One, Alison was a runner. Albeit a newbie to the sport she had talent. She won the first race she entered and the local papers covered her accomplishment.

Police at the time believed that Alison’s killer was probably aware of her running and that’s when he began to stalk her.

With little evidence at the time, police offered a reward of $50,000 to help track the killer.

DNA technology didn’t exist in 1986 but they were able to collect fluids from Alison’s body.

A 1986 article they reference the technology being used at the time. It’s interesting because we’re so used to DNA today but this is what they said “, and investigators even used a laser beam to scan the girl’s body for fingerprints, hairs or other traces that might identify the abductor.”

One suspect that was interviewed in 1986 was Carl Francis Roy.

He was a runner and lived near Alison

They didn’t have anything at the time to connect him to the body.

That changed in 1993 when scientists began using advanced DNA technology.

In 1996, the fluids they found on Alison were tested. The test was able to prove once and for all that Francis Carl Roy was indeed the killer.

After stalking Roy’s movements for days the police found what they were looking for, a discarded cigarette butt with Roy’s DNA.

Dr. Wayne Murray describes what can be found “

SOT- Dr. Wayne Murray

Almost ten years after Alison’s murder Roy was arrested.

The strongest piece of evidence against Roy was DNA found in the girl's body that matched Roy's.

This is where things start to get a little bit too graphic and I will do my best to minimize his ridiculous defense.

Roy's lawyer tried to raise the possibility that police charged the wrong man.

This is where the defense jumps the shark. Roy's explanation for the DNA was that he discovered Alison's naked body in a park, and then molested her.

Roy's lawyer told the jury “what Roy did was “admittedly vile and disgusting”, he wasn't a murderer.

SOT – Defense lawyer

The jury deliberated for six days before returning its verdict.

It took five days for the jury to reach a verdict.

The jury wasn’t told that Roy had twice been convicted of rape or that both victims were teenagers.

Another item the jury was was unaware of is that one of his previous victims was tricked, abducted and bound, much like Alison.


Francis Roy was found guilty of the first-degree murder of 11-year-old Alison Parrott.

Roy, 41, faces an automatic life sentence with no parole eligibility for 25 years.

Alison's mother, Lesley Party met with reporter’s outside the courtroom.

She told them she was relieved the trial was over.


"We never had any doubt that the just and right decision would happen," she said. "We are very grateful to a jury who had to work long and hard, perhaps with not all the information they should have had to come to this decision."


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July 1st, 2019

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Who Killed Carnell Sledge & Katherine Brown?

July 1st, 2019

The FBI is offering a $20,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the suspect or suspects in the death of Sledge and Brown. Anyone with information can call the Cleveland FBI at 216-522-1400, Metroparks Police dedicated tip line at 440-331-5219 or Crime Stoppers at 216-252-7463. Tipsters can remain anonymous.”

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Who Killed Alison Parrott?

June 21st, 2019

Nic from the True Crime Garage Podcast and I discuss the murder of Alison Parrott

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New Interview With Chief Spaetzel

April 12th, 2019

I sit down with the Chief of the Bay Village Police Department to discuss the latest updates on the Amy Mihaljevic case.

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The Lake Erie Murders: Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic? Round Table

January 25th, 2019

Me and Nic from the True Crime Garage Podcast discuss all things Amy Mihaljevic and different theories about the case.

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Round Table Discussion on the Lake Erie Murders

January 18th, 2019

The documentary was just released and so far has garnered some new information for authorities; information they are obviously keeping close to the vest.

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The End… For Now

December 14th, 2018

A large amount of questions regarding Amy’s remain unanswered, the most important being that of who was responsible for her death. The podcast set out to answer the question of Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic? and I have let the listeners make their own conclusions on whom they believe is responsible for Amy’s murder.

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Mark Mihaljevic Interview

December 7th, 2018

What you will hear next are excerpts from my interviews with Mark Mihaljevic over the summer of 2018. We discuss everything from Amy as a child to where he grew up in Wisconsin, his work with Buick and what his life has been like seeking justice for his daughter.

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Margaret Mihaljevic

November 23rd, 2018

Amy's mother tragically passed away in 2001. This week I want the listeners to hear from Margaret and the heartache that she went through. It is a shame that she won't be able to see justice. Outro Thank you again for listening to this weeks episode of Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic? and stay tuned for next week for episode 15. If you enjoy this is independently produced podcast, please help support independent journalism by clicking on the donate button on the bottom left on whokilledamymihaljevic.com. You can also make a donation through the Venmo app with my user name @Bill-Huffman-3. Thank you to the listeners that help keep this podcast going. Any amount is appreciated. You can also help support the show by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts that will also help support the show and help get Amy’s story the coverage it deserves. You can contact the Bay Village Police Department at 440-871-1234 if you have any new information. The FBI is offering a reward up to $25,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual(s) responsible for the death of Amy Renee Mihaljevic. Anyone with information concerning this case please contact the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI. Thank you again for listening and BE SAFE!

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The Teacher?

November 16th, 2018

I have always played devils advocate with James about his top suspect but I will admit that what we just saw does make me a bit of a believer in James’s theory. How many coincidences are too many? The circumstantial evidence isn’t far-fetched and there may even be an outside chance that the theory of Amy’s killing be a one-off may not be accurate. If this person killed Amy, then there is a possibility that he may also have been responsible for another unsolved murder

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Is this what we’ve been looking for?

November 9th, 2018

Episode 12- The Meeting It was around 1:30 pm last Thursday when I received an ominous text from James Renner that read “What are you doing today at 4? Bring your recorder because this may be huge”. He said he’d text back with where we needed to go and soon I heard back that James and I were to meet at the Taco Bell of RT 60. As I am driving to meet James my mind is running but I have a good feeling on who this could be about but he gave me no idea what it is that I was walking into.

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Nic from True Crime Garage Interviews Me for Off the Record

November 2nd, 2018

On this weeks episode of Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic? I am going to flip things around a bit. I was recently a guest on the True Crime Garage premium show Off the Record on Stitcher Premium. Since this was an opportunity for Nic to ask me some questions about this case I thought it would be relevant to the listeners of this program to hear where I stand on things and how it was that I got involved in Amy’s case. Take a listen to our interview from True Crime Garage’s premium show, Off the Record.

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Just the Beginning…

October 26th, 2018

I was told by James Renner about ten years ago that if you attach your name to this case, it’s like opening Pandora’s Box and you will forever be associated with Amy until the box can finally be closed. Renner has spent over a decade touting his theory and his book and he isn’t wrong when he says this case may be the most complex of any that he has investigated.

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Who Do You Think Killed Amy?

October 19th, 2018

After Amy was abducted, fear gripped every community and with Halloween right around the corner it really struck fear in parents. By the time Halloween had rolled around, the mysterious phone caller ruse had been revealed to the public the composite sketch had been released. There was a true sense of fear amongst the parents in my neighborhood, which was only about four miles from where Amy was last seen, and they made sure that we had a chaperone when we went trick or treating. The lack of knowing whom the perpetrator was really kept all of northeast Ohio on edge. Looking back, I am kind of surprised they didn’t cancel trick or treating that year. I believe if that were to happen today, the community would either cancel the event or move it to the daytime. I remember talking with one of my friends recently and he told me a story about somebody asking why he kept such a close on his children and he gave him a two-word answer, Amy Mihaljevic.

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More Suspects & More Nic & James

October 12th, 2018

I am Bill Huffman and welcome to episode 8 of Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic? On this weeks show I will wrap up my great conversation with Nic from the True Crime Garage Podcast and discuss more suspects with true crime author James Renner. Renner has written extensively about the Mihaljevic case and he has his critics but he also has kept this case in the spotlight and puts himself out there when discussing suspects. Renner will talk about some of the suspects that could have committed the crime but for one reason or another they have been not been charged with any crime.

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Where We Stand Today

October 5th, 2018

This case has so many different rabbit holes that it is important to remember the facts. Theories are just theories and as much as we can speculate on who this killer is it important to remember that only one person called Amy and in all likely hood one person is responsible for this crime. Too many theories and too many suspects, is the best way I can put it. If this case were built on theories, we would be near skyscraper territory at this point. As James Renner has said before on this podcast, this case is so frustrating because there were so many people with the means, motive and opportunity. To think that so many people fancied this young girl is disturbing on a whole new level. PAUSE Why, in a city with a population under 16,000 people, haven’t they been able to find the killer or justice for the Mihaljevic family? There is a connection between Bay Village and Ashland County and someone in this area or the Ashland area knows the answer. In 2016, Special Agent Phil Torsney and the Chief of Bay Village Police Mark Spaetzel held a press conference where they released new evidence, new in the sense that it had recently been tested but had been in the possession of the police for over 25 years. It was when they tested the curtain and blanket that were found some 300 feet from Amy, they discovered similar, key word similar, dog hairs that had been found on Amy’s body and were similar to the Mihaljevic family dog, Jakey. The curtain was shown to the public for the first time in 2016 and was most certainly made by someone, it had been repurposed from a quilt or duvet type of cover but was cut to specific dimensions as to cover a door or closet. The big question that remains from that press conference, assuming that person is still alive, why haven’t you come forward with the information that puts this guy away? Are you complicit with this unknown male? If so, you will also be looking at the death penalty here in Ohio. If that burden has become too much to bear, its time to let yourself be free of the pain. Before we get to my conversation with Nic from the True Crime Garage podcast, I think it is important to refresh some of the basic facts of the case so let’s start with the five w’s of journalism. Who, what, where, when and why.

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Who was Amy?

September 28th, 2018

Thank you again for listening to this week’s episode of Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic? I hope there is some clarity in who Amy was a child and the void that it has left in the city.

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The Suspects

September 21st, 2018

I have worked in newspapers, as the A&E editor at my college paper, radio, as an intern in the only news radio station in Cleveland, associate producer for the CBS affiliate and blogging when I created ClevelandSailing.com, which at its peak had over 30,000 views per month during the sailing season. The fact that my next project is this podcast makes complete sense, especially since I believe Amy’s story is too complicated to be told in one news segment or even one episode. A long form narrative on this case is something that can help bring more attention to the case and potentially trigger a memory in a listener that may know something about the case. Join me this week as we take a look at who James Renner believes the most like people are to have committed this crime.

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The Investigation

September 14th, 2018

If you are interested in supporting independent journalism, such as this podcast, you can click on the donate button on the bottom left on whokilledamymihaljevic.com. If you could leave a review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts that will also help support the show and help get Amy’s story the coverage it deserves. You can contact the Bay Village Police Department at 440-871-1234 if you have any new information. The FBI is offering a reward up to $25,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual(s) responsible for the death of Amy Renee Mihaljevic. Anyone with information concerning the murder of Amy Mihaljevic should contact the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI. You may also contact your local FBI office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.

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Discovery of the Body

September 7th, 2018

As we bid farewell to the wonderful decade that was the eighties, we felt like we were entering a new stage in our lives. 1990 was going to be a brand new year and while the search was still ongoing for 10-year-old Amy Renee Mihaljevic we as kids had to begin to move on. The stories on the news became less sporadic as each day passed. With each holiday or birthday the media would trot out to Bay Village to interview the Mihaljevic family and see how they were dealing with their missing daughter.

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The Search Begins…

August 31st, 2018

The local media covered Amy’s disappearance as if it was one of their own that had been abducted. The Mihaljevic’s were a quiet family and were liked by their neighbors. The idea that this family, or any family for that matter, would be thrust into the media spotlight over their missing child is unimaginable. The first two days for the Mihaljevic family probably seemed liked they would never end. When I was meeting with Mark Mihaljevic I asked him about that weekend and what, if anything, he would have done differently.

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October 27, 1989

August 24th, 2018

That first night for the Mihaljevic family must have been horrific. The fact that Amy had yet to contact the family and there was no sign of her anywhere helped confirm the fact this was no ordinary missing girl. The thing is, that October 27, 1989 was just like any other day in northeast Ohio up until those first reports of a missing girl from Bay Village hit the news around 10 o’clock. The city and the citizens felt like they had been punched in the gut, how could one of their own be taken right out from under the noses of the public, across from the police station nonetheless? As the days progressed new information was being released regularly with the most important being that of this phone caller who had potentially lured Amy to the plaza that Friday afternoon. The information about this phone caller was given by two of Amy’s friends who had been told of the plan on the day of the meeting. In speaking with Chief Spaetzel these kids were able to provide a few very significant details, one of the most important being, that Amy was told she had $45 to spend and if there was any money left over she could also get a gift.

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Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic? Season 1, Trailer 1

August 13th, 2018

My name is Bill Huffman and I am an independent journalist. I have spent the past nine months taking a deep dive in the abduction and murder of 10 year-old Amy Mihaljevic from Bay Village, Ohio on October 27th, 1989. I was the same age as Amy when she was abducted and I lived in the neighboring city of Rocky River so it feels like this case has been around my whole life. I am searching for answers to a mystery that has baffled investigators and the community because this abductor didn’t just pick Amy off the street; he called her on the phone and arranged a meeting with her abductor. This case has been a focal point in a city where crime doesn’t happen often but when it does it makes sure to become a national story, case in point, the Sam Shepherd case that spawned movies and television shows. This city of less than 20,000 people has a knack for finding itself in the middle of these unsolved mysteries. This podcast is here to set the story straight and hopefully find answers to the mystery that has gripped this community and Amy’s family for nearly 30 years.

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